Exempt Experts assists companies in structuring their Exempt Market offerings to be eligible for inclusion in tax deferred accounts, such as RRSP, RRIF and TFSA. Below are some testimonials with past clients and their experiences working with us. 


“Exempt Experts is THE comprehensive source for the exempt industry. Their products were a game charger for our Company, allowing Canadians from all walks of life to investment in our product. Beyond that, they we able to assist us in designing a product that was appealing to both EMDs and investors.”

- Curtis Potyondi, President, Prestige Capital


“We have used Exempt Experts for a number of our offerings over the past few years and their knowledge of the exempt market is second to none. With the complexities that our industry is facing it is imperative that issuers have a team around them that not only understands the structural requirements of new issues, but also has their finger on the pulse of the industry.”

- David Udy, Managing Partner, Capstone Real Estate


“At Sincerus Capital we are pleased to have used Exempt Experts in the past and we will certainly be using them in the future. Their knowledge of the market is excellent and their advice on how we should structure products has been extremely beneficial in structuring deals. Not only that, the tax guidance and knowledge that they bring was immensely helpful in structuring our private REIT product. We look forward to dealing with Exempt Experts well into the future, all the best!”

- Albert Rempel, President & CEO, Sincerus Capital


“Working with Exempt Experts was enjoyable and professional experience. The level of expertise went well above our expectations. Thanks to the entire team for helping get our offering to the market in an efficient and timely manner”

- Dave Rankine, President Fedilus Funds